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School Pride Collection
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School Pride Collection
City Pride Collection

Our Story


As an artistic professional photographer I wanted to create a unique personal gift for my special needs daughter for her 30th birthday in 2015. So I put together photo letter art from her life to spell her name, CHELSEE. Your Life Letters was formally setup a couple of years later after so many people encouraged me to pursue this very unique and one of a kind letter art that answers the question asked by many of typical letter art, where was this taken? So where it was taken is what makes every Your Life Letters personal to the buyer.


Hello, my name is Paul Bosker and I own PB Photography LLC and Your Life Letters. I have been a photographer for over 50 years. Have experience in wedding, industrial, landscape, abstract, film, digital, event, letter art and portrait photography. Letter Art is a passion of mine. Since creating my first Your Life Letters as a gift to my daughter on her 30th birthday, I have collected over 4700+ photographic letters from all over MI and beyond. Each one photographed by me on site. I enjoy creating names and words for clients that represent memories from their life. I would love to help you create a lasting keepsake either from my inventory of letters or commissioned letters just for you. Thank you.


  • Many personal and corporate gifts have commissioned Your Life Letters to shoot specific letters from locations related to the subject of the letter art requested.
  • You should first consider the word/name your trying to create, then search our catalog for letters that you would like to use.
  • If your unable to find a letter(s) from your life or that relate to the word/name your trying to create, we can shoot it for you on commission
  • We will need to work with you to understand the name and location and determine if a photo is feasible.
  • We also can consult with you on other options you may not have considered by reviewing your life memories to help you match up the letters to fit.
  • Commissioned letters are $50 each, which include one 4x6 unframed print (value of $8). If more than 20 miles (round trip) from Your Life Letters location, there will be additional milage charge.
  • To start this discussion, please fill out this form and submit it.
  • Purchase by hitting the buy commissioned letters button.
  • Personalized Customers